Walkable Tray Systems

BKRS- Walkable Cable Tray

Heavy loads, stamping feet, dirt, dust - Bring them on!

Chalfant walkable cable tray systems offer users safe access to machines and systems. All the system components can accept large loads on account of their robust construction. Our trays are manufactured from 12 gauge steel. The non-slip treaded covers are over 1/4" thick and ensure works have a solid footing. If all mounting specifications are followed we can guarantee a traffic load of up to 2023 lbs.

BKRS trays are available in a 4" side height and widths from 4"-24". Additionally, a number of specially engineered accessories are also available ensuring strength throughout the system. 

Click here to view a short video on the mounting of the BKRS Walkable Cable Tray System:



Chalfant BKRS - Walkable Tray Catalog