• BIM Content

    Make your next project faster and easier with Chalfant's BIM & Revit content!
  • GR-Magic

    GR-Magic Self Connecting Cable Tray

    Gr-Magic self connecting wire mesh cable tray saves time and money over conventional mesh cable tray systems.
  • RKS-Magic

    RKS-Magic Self Connecting Cable Tray

    RKS-Magic self connecting cable trough makes installing straight runs and fittings a 'SNAP'
  • Made in Ohio

    Proudly Made in OH, USA

    Chalfant Manufacturing Company proudly manufacturers its cable trays right here in the USA. In fact we just recently expanded our manufacturing capabilities with a second USA production plant.
  • Ladder Cable Tray

    Chalfant Ladder Cable Tray provides added durability and support while saving time and money.
BIM Content
Download BIM content for our most popular cable tray styles from bimobject.com