Introducing RKSMagic Self Connecting Cable Trough

Chalfant proudly introduces the newest UL Listed addition to our self connecting tray line

RKSMagic self-connecting trough style cable tray. This latest advancement in the self-connecting tray line comes with a full line of self-connecting accessories including our new variable bend. This bend allows the installer to set the angle needed from 0-90 degrees.

Tray sizes range from 1- 2" side heights and 2- 24 " widths. Each length of RKS-Magic securely connects with a push and "click" of our unique connector. The "click" lets you know it's securely locked in place.

Discover all the installation possibilites along with our full range of accessories below or by downloading our complete RKS-Magic catalog.

Download Product Sheet
Download RKS-Magic Catalog