Chalfant, a leading supplier of cable trays and systems for utilities, industrial plants, and commercial service, offers Com-Tray, a unique modular, cost-saving system for routing and protecting cables under raised floors in computer and communications installations. Totally compatible with the 2’ by 2’ grid post system of raised floors.

Standard, off-the-shelf Com-Tray modules are designed to meet any underfloor cable routing system. Simply select the modules you need for your system configuration and you’ll have economical, easily installed, permanent solution to your underfloor cable routing and protection requirements.

Chalfant COM-TRAY: The ultimate solution for routing and protecting communications cable under raised floors
Neater, safer installations
COM-TRAY permits the orderly, efficient routing of data, control and power cables under raised floors - eliminates the hard-to-trace "spaghetti" effect of loose cables, minimizes both cable lengths and attendant circuit losses. Sturdy metal trays with optional covers completely enclose your cables and protect them against damage from falling objects or being stepped on. Tampering by unauthorized persons is also discouraged.
The modular design of COM-TRAY - which includes straight sections, tees, crosses, elbows, reducers and optional covers - lets you select components and design a "cableway" to accommodate any interconnection requirement. You can even install pull wires initially, along with cables, to meet future requirements. RF or other electromagnetic shielding can also be provided.
Fast, labor-saving assembly
Installation of COM-TRAY is simple and fast. The modules can be quickly slid or lowered between grid posts and joined with splice plates and hardware supplied. Slotted holes in the splice plates make alignment easy, and ample clearance is provided for inserting and tightening bolts. Covers are assembled with self-tapping stainless steel screws supplied, and are easily removed for inspection or maintenance. No field cutting, drilling or extra labor is required, resulting in a clean, professional installation with minimum time and labor cost.
Chalfant has supplied Cable Tray for use under computer floors for over 10 years. Building on this experience, in 1982 we designed and supplied a modular Cable Tray system to meet the specific underfloor requirements of a large computer communications center for a National Laboratory. This system was installed easily, quickly and inexpensively in a fraction of the time of conventional Cable Tray systems. The contractor experienced no need for field modification, which resulted in a system that had instant customer acclaim. Using this Chalfant modular concept, the contractor has been uniquely successful in reducing his labor costs and being awarded additional projects. Now, with Chalfant COM-TRAY, users and contractors everywhere can realize the same benefits.
Prompt delivery COM-TRAY can be delivered to a job-site in weeks, since major subassemblies are available from stock or can be quickly fabricated to standard designs in our modern factory.
You'll be pleased with COM-TRAY. It's a logical, timely solution to underfloor cable routing problems that pays for itself in simplified design and labor during installation, and provides permanent protection for your vital underfloor circuitry while maintaining complete accessibility.