Introducing Walkable Cable Tray Systems BKRS

Chalfant is excited to introduce our Walkable Cable Tray Line - BKRS. This UL listed system was designed from the ground up to accept heavy loads and provide stable footing for personnel. The tray is made from thick 12 gauge steel and features 1/4" thick covers with an aluminum diamond plate, to ensure proper footing. When properly installed we can guarantee a traffic load of 2023 lbs. Available with a 4" side height and in widths from 4"-24". Accessories and mounting supports that maintain standard step height are also available.

When you need a robust solution for routing cable and providing safe stable walkaways for personnel look no further than Chalfant's Walkable Cable Tray Systems.

Discover the complete line along with installation examples and best practices by downloading our complete BKRS catalog below.

Tray Side height 4
Treaded Covers
Download BKRS Walkable Cable Tray Catalog